Feminine Power – Healing Past Life Trauma

Feminine Power – Healing Past Life Trauma



Reclaiming Feminine Power: Wound of the Witches

A past life/epigenetic healing ceremony + energy transmission

The name ‘Hera’ means Womb. Hera also means ‘Mistress’ – the laws of the Ways of the Womb. From this word is derived ‘heretic’ and ‘heresy’ – a ‘heretic’ is a woman or man who knows and is immersed in Womb Consciousness.

Over the last 1,000 years at least 9 million women, men and children have been persecuted or killed for their connection to Womb Worship and and the Menstrual Mysteries, including the Cathars and the Wise Women known as Witches. The Ancestral epigenetic memory of this stands between reclaiming our full Feminine Power and Womb Gnosis and Awakening.

This Ceremony will take a deeply healing journey through this collective wound and open into a New Dimension of Feminine Power, grounding and anchoring Womb Consciousness.

In Ancient Greece Moon Colleges were dedicated to Hera – the Womb. Not just temples of devotion, these were colleges of learning where women were initiated into their own Womb Awakening and studied the crafts and wisdom of the Feminine Arts. These students of the Womb practiced synchronised and mass menstruation together for healing and Prophecy.

The wisdom, knowledge and Prophetic visions and Gnosis of these powerful Womb Circles were used to guide all rulers and leaders of the land. The Womb was the Oracle of Creator.

This Ceremony re-opens the ‘energetic’ gates to the ancient Womb Colleges. For those called, these studies and experiential awakenings will continue and deepen in the 9 Moon (month) Womb Awakening Apprenticeship that begins on October 31st – a deeply experiential and transformative journey into Womb Consciousness and Awakening.

Only when we reclaim the Power of Love and reconnect to a deeply embodied Womb Consciousness, which embraces all, can our world heal, transform and rebirth.

Message received from the Womb Lyre, a unique instrument made from Cherry Wood – sacred to Venus, and tuned to the resonance of the Womb: ‘“There is a feeling so deep, so essential, held in the fathomless depths of the Feminine, that you can burn it a million times at the stake…and you will never extinguish it…it is the same force by which even the greatest city, the most powerful civilisation will fall to ruin and be reclaimed by nature in time, dissolved completely by the Living tendrils of fresh green shoots, in Innocence renewed…”

Blessings of the Womb Blood to You.

Artist Credits:  John Collier, 1891


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