Dragon Shakti Breathing

Awakening the Primordial Feminine

With feminine shamanic breathing we can access the primordial energy meridians and breathe LIFE back into our bodies, awakening catalysing, healing, seeing, journeying into our deepest centre, our Womb and Hara. 

This is a practice to activate and awaken the primal ‘Dragon Lair’ – in both men and women.

In all ancient traditions it was known that the feminine Serpent or Dragon was the birther and dissolver of all worlds, and that she herself had directly birthed from the Great Womb as an emanation of the infinite primordial power of Creation.

Breathwork to activate the feminine ‘Dragon Lair’ – the Feminine Crown – is the key of all keys. It was one of the core practices for initiates into the Grail Mystery Schools of Europe, and the near east, and also the pre-patriarchal alchemical schools of the east.

Feminine breathwork, also known as ‘archaic techniques of ecstasy’, have been forgotten, persecuted, hidden, denied in the last 1,000 year cycle – other than in the secret confines of the underground mystery schools who have sought to keep the Feminine Womb Mysteries alive, to pass on to a new generation of ‘Dragons’.

Feminine Shamanic Breathwork…

Often breathwork, known as pranayama in the east, focuses on the top half of the body, the ‘Masculine Crown’.

When we breathe exclusively through the nose, we activate our Masculine Crown centres and the cosmic eye in the brow centre. We can bring ourselves ‘out’ of any uncomfortable or negative emotions in the Feminine Crown and arise into an expanded masculine consciousness of light.

This can be healing and ‘enlightening’ – it can bring calm, peace, visionary experience, psychic/astral travel, clarity and detachment.

But Shakti Shamanism includes practices and devotions to catalyse a direct experience of Creator and the Black Light of Creation in the body – and this communion is gifted through the feminine pathways, by breathing into the Underworld of the Womb and the Feminine Crown (Root) where all our juiciness and power lives

Shamanic feminine breathing is a practice to invoke the natural breathing patterns of Feminine gateways of initiation, such as childbirth, sexual union and orgasm.

The non-stop circular breathing takes us out of our conscious mind and into the Feminine soul and her primal Dragon body, and unlocks all that lives within – what was once an ecstatic realm of infinite innocence and love, shimmering and pulsating in orgasmic waves of Grail Light, but is now a realm of Angels and Demons. Where our feminine Christ light is hidden, and asks to be discovered underneath all the ways we have been blocked, shamed, persecuted, judged.

In Tibet it was told that the ancient Primordial Dragon Mother Srinmo, was tamed and trapped by the incoming Tibetan monks, who pinned her body down by building temples on all her key Dragon Lairs and stealing her power, draining her, trapping her, tying her up, and burying her primordial creative ecstasy.

Now the Dragon Mothers return; Now Gaia breathes again – and her Womb awakens, reclaiming the full force of her loving primordial power.

Dragon Shakti Breathing awakens our own Dragon or Serpent power, and awakens the Feminine Crown centre – bringing bliss, creative power, joy, ecstasy, embodiment, fierce and wild love, tender kindness, back to earth.

Dragon Shakti Breathing activates….

– Discovering, feeling and awakening your forgotten power

– Bringing more bliss, pleasure and ecstasy into your body

– Releasing your deepest emotional and sexual wounds

– Finding your NO, and then diving into your wild, embodied YES

Dragon Shakti Breathing is also practiced and studied in depth on the Womb Awakening 9 Moon Apprenticeship.