Gifts of the Feminine Essence

Within our Feminine essence, we hold many energetic signatures of consciousness that we can embody or share at any given moment. This is the flow of Shakti….

  1. The power of ecstasy and bliss. To open up and experience states that take you deep into ecstatic union and bathe an ordinary moment with magical enchantment. To nourish yourself so deeply that happiness bursts open into breathtaking bliss. To know these states of being are completely natural and your birthright, and only need to be relaxed into.
  2. The power of magnetism, the feminine quality of attraction, which invites everything and everyone into its dance of delight. Sensuality, pleasure, love making, luxuriating and loving the body, honouring the desires of the body, eating good food, pampering, sacred oils, scents and sweet indulgences.
  3. The power of naughtiness, to be able to break any rule at any moment to bring more joy, love and freedom into the heart of any situation or person. To let go of pre conceived ideas of what is Holy and accept yourself as you really are. To allow yourself to make mistakes and hold them in love and laughter.
  4. The power to open the heart into a state of Pure Love, to palpably transmit that love into others’ hearts and commune with them in true intimacy. To hold everyone in this tender space of the heart and open it outwards as an invitation.
  5. The wildness of florescence, to burst into flower, to bloom, in all directions all at once, in a way that is mad to the mind, and is beyond and breaks through any control, limits or restrictions of any idea, belief or structure. To explode into a torrent of creativity, flowing with the excited currents of your expression.
  6. Connecting to the flow of life, the web of life, the interdependence of existence, feeling others as yourself, synchronicity, co-creation with all of life and all those around you, making the impossible possible through connection. Reverence for nature and earth and a dedication for holding her in honour and gratitude.
  7. Joyfulness, playfulness, – the ability to infuse any situation with these qualities, and lift any person into this state of being. Laughter, heartfelt smiles, having fun and daring to dream your happiness into being and imagine magical possibilities unfolding in every moment. To play with life and have an adventure.
  8. Embrace and acceptance, holding everyone and everything in the deepest love, forgiveness and compassion – including yourself. Bringing all your own pain and that of others into the heart and Womb with tenderness to dissolve it. Self -forgiveness, holding your inner child in a place of safety and self-love. Deeply believing in the innate goodness of the human heart, even if it has travelled as far as evil. Holding the space for it to return back home to love.
  9. Stillness and silence, resting in the arms of Life, letting go completely. Knowing that everything is right here in this moment, and there is nothing to get and nowhere to get to, and that love is always given without being earned or asked for, as a natural gift of life. The power to bring those around you into a state of deep peace, relaxation and harmony.
  10. Strength. To hold true to that place in your heart that is constant, unwavering and dedicated to Love in every moment, no matter how unloving those around you are being. To have conviction with compassion. To live passionately, taking on any risk or challenge if it means deepening into Love, and helping others do the same. The courage to sit with and hold others in their pain, and to know the truth of your own wounds and feel your own repressed pain.
  11. The Gift of benevolence. Feeling that all of creation is conspiring in every moment to support your dreams and bring you closer to love, taking care of you in ways that are beyond your imagination and knowing. Trusting and giving way to life, manifesting manygifts, and feeling that you are worthy to receive all the bounties that life wishes to give you.
  12. To live in a state of en-wonder-ment. Experiencing life with childlike innocence. To embody Purity, seeing everything as it happens in the moment without looking through the lense of the past. Natural curiosity, expressing everything you think and feel with no fear of consequences now or in the future, openness, living in and with simplicity. To beenchanted by anything and everything that moves and touches your heart, no matter how small.
  13. Freedom – to know that your heart is your guiding light, that you need not look outside to anyone or anything if it means giving your power away and deferring to their authority. To open to the complete mystery of life, without needing to understand or be told what to do or think or how it works. To know that no human has all the answers, but we all hold deep wisdom inside ourselves.
  14. The radiance of beauty. To know that all beauty begins in the heart and radiates outwards to touch the hearts of others. To celebrate life, yourself and those around you. To be the flower who blossoms for the sun, just because it can. To shine and to help others shine. Confidence in your own beauty, and to share it as a gift. To enjoy and revel in beauty without needing a purpose or reason. To see beauty as an expression of the sacred, making all life beauteous.