The Work

Hypnotherapy is all about developing focus and using that focus to enhance people’s lives. It is a way of programming your own mind, consciously so you have more control of rejecting and accepting information more clearly. Hypnosis is also a way to focus ones attention in meaningful ways to accomplish self-defined goals for developing the best and most adaptive parts of ourselves. Hypnotherapy uses Hypnosis to induce a deep state of relaxation, during this the extreme power of our unconscious minds are highly receptive to new and different outlooks and perspectives.

I deeply believe to acquire the ability to pay significant attention has never been more important than it is at this time. So much high valued information and experience that can help to improve our lives is readily available to each and every one of us, though we can tend to get overwhelmed and submerged by too many noisy and meaningless distractions. This causes people to become disconnected from themselves, and from each other, and therefore living in states of debilitating stress in one form or another. Every person contains the resources and solutions within themselves to overcome and resolve any problem and obstacle that is present in their lives.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to have the most effective recovery rates. In research by Dr. Alfred A. Barrios, he reported in the the psychotherapy journal of American Psychiatric Association the following success rates.

  • Psychotherapy 38% recovery after 600 sessions (about 11.5 months)
  • Behaviour Therapy 72% recovery after 22 sessions (about 6 months)
  • Hypnotherapy 93% recovery after 6 sessions (about 1.5 months)

Each and everyone of us creates a map of our own world, a representation of the world we live in, and our representation of the world determines to a large measure how we perceive the world, what experiences we have, and what choices we will be able to see available to us. Through my experience as a therapist, I see people in pain, feeling blocked and limited and “stuck”. I help to show them it is not the world that is limited, it is the poverty of their own internal maps that keep them suffering and in pain. We go in and expand and enrich their map with more choices, more updated information within their own individual experiences. Most of the time these problems are the greatest opportunity for growth.

Imagine being relaxed and focused and connected to your personal resources, to be able to tap into these resources and respond with wisdom and clarity to life’s most challenging times. This is where I will help you.

I love working with my clients and feel honoured to work so deeply in such personal aspects of their lives. I integrate Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapy, NLP, Womb Awakening ~ Sacred Feminine Empowerment, deep relaxation, metaphor, shamanic journeying and guided imagery in a unique combination to help guide and resolve emotional trauma in a non invasive way without re-traumatising clients. I will guide you in an effective way to access your subconscious mind and make real and effective changes in your life. You are always in control, there is nothing scary about Hypnotherapy, and you can bring yourself out of trance at any time. You know where you are at all times and will not lose consciousness. Everyone can go into trance, we experience these hypnotic trances everyday, often experienced when daydreaming of being on a tropical island holiday, or future desires, or on even autopilot when you are driving on a familiar car journey. Some people just have to be reminded how to use their imagination and access their own tools and data, though everyone can do it.

My advanced Hypnotherapy techniques are powerful tools for overcoming problems, healing past trauma, healing core and ancestral wounds,  removing negative thoughts, reducing unwanted feelings, healing abuse and fertility issues, increasing positive influences, breaking habits and negative thought patterns, gaining confidence and empowerment and healing in your life. I am easy to connect and communicate with, and hold lots of different valuable skills to bring to my clients. I want my clients to be the very best person that they can be.

My clients always feel safe, guided, held and supported throughout our sessions. I help guide them to access their own maps, to expand and enrich their maps whilst facilitating life-enhancing suggestions and bring forth their own inner empowerment and inner healing potential. I help them to achieve the goals they wish to achieve.

Even though I specialise working with women and their wellbeing, I also welcome men into my clinic and see men for a wide range of issues of anxiety, stress, phobia’s, anger, public speaking, sports performance, spiritual growth, confidence, empowerment, and more… Contrary to common beliefs, up to one in three victims of sexual assault and at least one in three victims of family violence and abuse is male. Up to 26% of homosexual men, 29% of straight men, and 39% of bisexual men have reported being victims of domestic violence and abusive relationships. So I do hold space for men as well and find it important to support the masculine on his journey. Men whom experience violence are 2 to 3 times more likely than women to have never told anybody about it. So men are welcome into my clinic.

I hold sessions in person in Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast, and also over Skype call for clients that live far away or overseas. I also offer women’s workshops and retreats throughout the year, and hold a yearly Womb Awakening teacher training course.

My sessions are unique, profound and transformational. If you are struggling with any aspect of your life, contact me to discover how my unique sessions can provide relief and healing.