Womb Awakening Apprenticeship

“Womb Awakening births the richness of your inner beauty and spiritual treasures, which already live within you. You will journey along the inner shamanic dream paths for a powerful and magical journey of profound soul transformation and feminine awakening.”

The 9 Moon Womb Awakening Apprenticeship is for women – and features an Online Immersion & an Intensive 7-Day Facilitator Training Retreat. Have you heard the Sacred Call?

Starting every year on the New Moon in January for 9 months we journey together in a modern-day Moon College studying and experiencing the feminine mysteries together to bring healing, vision, ecstasy, embodiment and renewal to our lives.

During this deep, experiential immersion we travel through 9 Wisdom-Spirals of the Womb Mysteries – to awaken and embody the power of the Divine Creatrix, lived fully in our lives, our bodies, our sexuality, our relationships, and our sacred vocation.

This program is a comprehensive education in the Feminine Wisdom traditions, providing a nurturing modern mystery school environment for spiritual initiation, personal healing, and sacred vocation.

With hundreds of students worldwide, this unique feminine shamanic journey has been described as “Deeply Life-Changing” and “Enchanting “.

The online Apprenticeship requires up to 1-hour time commitment per day (or whatever your schedule allows). You will need the internet to download course materials.

Amongst many threads, we will: ~Heal Conception, Gestation and Birth imprints (vital for opening to conscious creation, and also to heal our own epigenetic blueprint back to love) ~Awaken the Magical Doorway of the Womb – journeying through the Sacred Gateways of the Womb Medicine Wheel to sexually awaken the Divine Woman/Man. ~Enter the Temple of the Feminine Arts – studying and experiencing different body-prayers and practices from many sacred feminine priestess lineages.

You will be supported by:

* Membership to a private, facilitated online Apprenticeship Circle.
* Zoom circles hosted by Natalie Zukerman for every Wisdom-Spiral.
* Extensive written, video, and audio materials to support your learning.
* Weekly Womb healing body prayers and body practices that reweave your energy field and body of light.
* Weekly audio-shamanic guided journeys, Ceremonies, energy transmissions, and rituals.
* Private mentorship sessions with one of the Institute Of Feminine Arts Lead Facilitators

You will journey through 9 wisdom cycles:

Spiral 1. Heart Womb Alchemy
Spiral 2. Entering the Temple
Spiral 3. Womb Medicine Wheel
Spiral 4. Moon Blood Mysteries
Spiral 5. Journeying into Erotic Innocence
Spiral 6. Sacred Union Alchemy
Spiral 7. Sister Shadow & The Mother Wound
Spiral 8. Feminine Leadership & Mentorship
Spiral 9. Womb Shamanism

Become a Certified Womb Awakening Practitioner

To graduate and become a Certified Womb Awakening Facilitator (approved by IICT) requires that you complete the following trainings:
~ Womb Awakening 9 Moon Online Apprenticeship.
~ Womb Awakening 7-Day In-Person Retreat.
~ Descent into the Underworld – 30-Day Online course.

Once you have graduated you will:

~ Receive a Certificate from The Institute Of Feminine Arts Moon College. The Facilitator Training is also approved by IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists).
~ Be eligible to join IICT and get insurance for your Womb Awakening events and 1:1 client sessions.
~ Be eligible to Facilitate Womb Awakening Retreats and use affiliate links.
~ Be eligible to have your events listed on the Institute Of Feminine Arts newsletter.
~ Be eligible to enrol in the Womb Awakening Graduate Program.

For more information please click here to download our Spiral 1 PDF.
Apprenticeship PDF info

Fees & Registration

Join the Online 9 Moon Apprenticeship: Exchange: AUD $5222 + GST, or:
• With payment plan AUD$5666 + GST for the full 9 Moon Apprenticeship with monthly instalments. 
• We also offer 4 partial scholarships for every annual 9 Moons for those in need, these are given out at the end of Septemebr annually. Please contact The Institute of Feminine Arts to apply.
• You can pay in monthly instalments upon registration. Please note that deposits are non-refundable.

What Are The Benefits of Womb Awakening?

*Feeling safe in your body and empowered to express yourself.
*Activating your feminine dragon power.
*Trusting the voice of your womb and your inner knowing.
*Improving relationships and healing sexuality.
*Awakening the power of feminine softness.
*Opening to receive deeper pleasure in the body and in life.
*Healing deep heart wounds opening to forgiveness.
*Bringing old wounds out of denial for love and healing.
*Reconnecting with your soul essence and the magic within.
*Reigniting your passion for life and its blessings.
*Connecting deeply with your body and soul, coming alive!
*Bringing fire and passion to your soul purpose and the confidence to live this.
*Opening to life’s abundance and the bounty of the universe.
*Tapping into your inner wellspring of creativity to manifest magical opportunities.
*Healing your relationship with yourself and coming into sacred union within your own body mind and soul.
*Deepening intimacy and sacred relationship with your partner.
*Enriching relationships with friends and family through the deepening of intimacy or establishing healthy boundaries.
*Opening your psychic capacities and supernatural senses through cerebellar consciousness.
*Healing your body and relaxing muscle and neural tension.
*Opening the pathways of pleasure and shakti to flow through our yoni as inner armouring and muscle tensions release.
*Restoring health and the harmonious functioning of cells within your womb space and her energy field
* Plugging back into the essence of love and living from this place.
* Remembering that life is a gift filled with joy, wonder and pleasure.

This shamanic journey will guide you deep into your inner worlds and the mystical dimensions of Spirit – catalyzing healing, awakening your authentic Womb power, and immersing you in the wisdom of the ancient feminine healing arts and practice of Shamanic Rebirthing. During this transformational journey, you will open into the Sacred Union of your true Feminine/Masculine Essence, and embody your flowing, primordial Wild Shakti Power – which manifests love into being.

For our Certified Womb Awakening Program, we highly recommend the groundbreaking and life-changing book: Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life. You can find it here:

The apprenticeship was originally created back in 2011 by The Fountain of Life (Dr Azra and Seren Bertrand, authors of the Womb Awakening book). Natalie became their lead teacher and Facilitator for The Fountain of Life and facilitated the 9-Moon Apprenticeship for them for some years. In 2017 Seren and Azra Bertrand decided to let go of The Fountain Of Life and they gave Natalie their blessing to continue to bring forward the 9-Moon Apprenticeship. Natalie has kept it true to the lineages and to its roots, she is a Custodian, honouring the sanctity of the work. Much of Natalie’s learnings and spiritual education have been derived from her 17 years of global travels where she lived with many Indigenous Tribes and Elders and devoted these 17 years to learning their ways, she has also weaved in a lot of her life experience and knowledge into the Apprenticeship.

Our Womb Awakening Program is fully certified and is listed as an officially recognised modality with IICT, one of the world’s foremost complementary therapy organisations. Training with a Platinum Training Provider means that your certification carries weight worldwide and that you can access competitively priced insurance for your work. Please note to receive your full certification to facilitate the Womb Awakening work that it is required to complete the 9-Moon Womb Awakening Apprenticeship, the 7-day in-person Womb Awakening Facilitator Retreat and the 30-day online Descent into the Underworld course. You can sit these courses in any order, there are no pre-requisites to sit one or the other, though they do need to be completed to receive certification.  You have 2 years to complete the certified training.

The Institute Of Feminine Arts is committed to providing the highest standards of training & facilitation throughout your course.

The Womb is a magical portal and a space of divine creation. She is the gateway to the shamanic realms of the feminine that honours the natural cycles of birth, death and rebirth. If you are feeling the call to immerse yourself in the Sacred Feminine Healing Arts, to awaken your remembrance to the Feminine Mysteries and embody your true feminine essence, we invite you to join us as we journey this empowering 9 Moon gestation in the Womb of the Divine Mother to call in our true hearts desires, dreams and to birth new creations into the world.


The Apprenticeship is held in a safe, sacred and supportive container and for this reason, we only take a limited number of participants every year. Please contact us to receive an application form.

For more information please fill in the contact form below or email . You can also visit our main website https://instituteoffemininearts.org


For more information please fill in the contact form below or contact;

Natalie Zukerman

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast


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