Taking your Womb Priestess Vow

Sit with your hands on your Womb and breathe deeply…

I give myself to the Great Remembering

I serve only Love and our evolution in Love

I vow to anchor the true Divine Feminine on Earth

I vow to anchor the true Divine Feminine in my Womb

I vow to leave no shadow unloved, no wound without balm

I walk the Path of Love, I commit to our Return to Innocence

I strip away all my armor and leave my heart undefended

I embrace all my feelings; nothing is forbidden or left out

My strength is my surrender to the Divine Feminine flow

I honor my pristine sexuality as a Gift of Life, wild and free

I long to merge with the Ecstatic Innocence of Love in All

Sacred Relationship is my sacrament, the Womb my temple

I vow to return my Womb to her Immaculate Sensuality

To embody the sacred powers of Conscious Conception

My life is part of a greater tapestry, I offer all to this weaving

Holding the essence of the Pure Land from whence we came

Beloved Divine Mother, bear witness to my vow.

If you feel CALLED to live and embody these words, then please click on the Womb Awakening Apprenticeship….