Pelvic Presence

Chalice of the Sacred Feminine

The physical alignment and presence within our pelvis is a key to embodied Feminine Awakening. When our pelvic cradle is in balance and flowing with energy, we can fully embody, enjoy and express the creative, magnetic jewel of our Womb and Hara.

In many shamanic traditions the pelvis is known as the ‘second skull’. In the Celtic Grail Shaman tradition the pelvis is known as the Feminine skull in sacred marriage with the twin of the Masculine skull at the head. Likewise, a tension in the jawbone is always mirrored by tension in the pelvis. They are in intimate relationship with each other, and cannot be energetically separated.

Often our pelvic cradle – the central core of our being – is stuck, sore, painful, stagnant or misaligned with old physical and emotional blocks. Frequently, the core (mis)alignment of our pelvis occurs during gestation or birth.

Over time the ancestral, energetic and emotional imprints that created this pelvic imbalance become more pronounced and painful, and we attract ‘accidents’ or events into our lives that reinforce this pattern and make it worse.

The balanced Feminine Pelvis holds a soft, supple strength, which becomes a chalice for exquisitely subtle sensations of sensual, orgamsic, Shakti.

When our feminine or masculine presence becomes embodied in the pelvis, it is magnetic – we live from our true centre and life flows everything to us.

Bringing our awareness, our love, our forgiveness, our breath into the Pelvic Chalice and her Sacred Sites can bring magic and miracles into our lives. You will begin to feel a powerful, enchanting energy awaken and unfold inside you – a force field which is pulsing, alive, dark, rich, resplendent, creative, and fertile.

As the sacred container of our Feminine Crown, the pelvic cradle responds to sensitivity, presence, attention and gentle movement and breath. Often the more subtle movements, feelings, explorations can bring the deepest healing.

Pelvic Presence is also practiced and studied in depth on the Womb Awakening 9 Moon Apprenticeship. The next 9-Moon training begins on the first New Moon in January every year.