Womb Awakening as a Spiritual Path

Gnostic Grail Shamans: Spirit Keepers of the Womb

Womb Awakening is a remembrance of a very ancient way, a Way of Love, of Sacred Union, of Original Innocence – a pristine state of embodied consciousness, before we became lost in our masculine neo-cortex, separated from the primal blueprint of creation.

Our cerebellum is the womb of consciousness, and our masculine neo-cortex is the translator. When they work in union, not separation, we create heaven on earth; and the harmonic, orgasmic symphony of our biology is awakened. The cerebellum contains more than 70% of the neurons in our nervous system, including the entire brain and spinal cord, compared to 20% in our cerebrum.

When these two parts of our brain separate, and the neo-cortex takes over, we experience a ‘fall of consciousness’; we plummet into fearful, fragmented, distorted perception. This is the Fall spoken about in every mythology – from our natural  state of joyful loving consciousness in the ‘Garden of Eden’, into the fractured state of human consciousness that is the current reality on the planet.

Evidence of the continuous existence of a Womb Religion exists from 300,000 years ago, and for many thousands of years prior to the split, human beings existed in a state of consciousness we would now call mystical and supernatural; but it was our birthright, completely natural. The Path of Womb Awakening is about reclaiming our remarkable human capacities, in an embodied, enchanted, and very down-to-earth way.

Existence was birthed through a black ‘Womb’ hole….

The Ancients lived by a Womb Cosmology of creation, in which everything was birthed and dissolved through a Womb space, in waves of cosmic cycles. A Womb space is beyond gender, and can bring into being either a male or female. Just as every human being was brought into this world through a Womb, scientists now believe that our universe was birthed by a giant black hole, a Cosmic Womb.

Shamanism originates in the biology and multi-dimensional perceptual reality of our prenatal experiences in the Womb, which is a magical dreamtime, a cosmic space of infinite possibilities, unrestrained by the laws of Newtonian physics. The repressed memories of our time in the Womb’s amniotic oceans are the basis of what we call our psyche, or the Unconscious; but what is truly our forgotten, lost Feminine Soul. The ancient Greeks recognized this as well, as the Greek word ‘psyche’ originally meant soul.

The original shamanic journeys and initiations were founded in the Womb Religion and the great gateways of human life; conception, birth, menarche, coming of age, menstruation, pregnancy, mother and fatherhood, moon-a-pause and conscious death. The first shamans were women. The earliest recorded archeologic evidence of shamanism is of a female shaman ceremonially buried 30,000 years ago in eastern Europe.

The Hero or Heroine’s journey Jung spoke of, also known as the Alchemical Great Work, is the remembrance and return to awareness of our Feminine Consciousness, the ‘Bride’ or ‘Bridge’. This Feminine Consciousness – which gifts the superpowers or siddhis many spiritual paths speak of – is our umbilical cord back to Creator.

Menstruation is the secret of the great renewal rites…

Womb lore is both life-affirming and death-affirming. We are birthed into this realm by a Womb, and we are birthed back into Spirit world through an energetic Womb. This is the great pulse of life, emanating from deep within the Womb of God; in-breath, out-breathe, birth, dissolution, full moon, dark moon, ovulation, menstruation, summer, winter. If we do not release, exhale, dissolve we cannot rebirth anew.

When we lose touch with our dark moon pole, conscious death, the out breath, we expand in an unsustainable, disharmonious way; we become afraid to let go.

Womb teaches us to surrender, in awe-struck wonder, to let go into the wild, uncontrollable flows of life. In this energetic menstruation we discover the magnificent, infinite power of creation we hold within us, and our soul blooms.

Sacred Sexuality is our gateway back to Great Womb, Spirit, God… 

Womb Awakening is not a goddess group, or a move towards matriarchy. The Womb heralds the end of all hierarchy; and brings the masculine and feminine back into sacred union, which forms the foundation for humanity’s next great evolutionary shift in consciousness. Men also have a spiritual Womb, a primal creative centre.

Men and women are seeded, grown and birthed through a Womb; they are created in a Feminine blueprint – both men and women have a Yoni for the first eight weeks of their lives, before the clitoris blooms into a lingam in the developing boy. We hold this memory of our shared origins in our cells, in our souls, we know in our bones, we were created as complimentary halves of the same divine expression of One.

Our sexual energy is our life force, and it is not limited to a sexual act – the blueprint of creation and the biology of our bodies is wild, innocent waves of orgasmic energy. In Sacred Union our sexuality is a gateway to merging Souls with our complimentary Twin, and merging back into the Wholeness of Source.

Reclaiming the left-hand Feminine spiritual path…

Patriarchy has dominated our planet for at least 5,000 years, and almost all our institutions, religions and spiritual paths are patriarchal – focused on a distorted, unbalanced masculine, a perception of life centered in the neo-cortex. From this imbalance our planet and all her living systems are under attack from a broken, lost humanity. Our Womb Ecology becomes our World Ecology. Until the Womb is healed, our personal planetary ecology will continue to suffer.

Womb Awakening is a true left hand-path; a return to the feminine Womb principles of life and her cycles and wisdom. The left-hand path of Christianity is also resurrecting at this time, led by the Magdalene and Sophia consciousness, The Feminine Christ. A Gnostic Shamanisn at the heart of the great Mystery schools.

What is a left-hand path? Simply put it is a Feminine path, accessible by both women and men, but it is often wrongly associated with a dangerous path of using the ‘dark side’ to break free of illusion.  Our language has been so manipulated it is difficult to express the benevolent Feminine; darkness is considered evil, and even the word evil derives from the feminine devi –as the word sin derives from an ancient word for the crescent New Moon, which symbolised Menstruation.

In Latin the word for the left-hand feminine path is sinister; which once meant the lunar wisdom – but now means something frightening and malevolent.

George Orwell predicted a world where by destroying or manipulating the meaning of words, our perception and consciousness itself could be modified and controlled; and entire ideas and ways of being could be destroyed.

Has this not already happened to our feminine selves? This is fact not fiction.

By reclaiming the left-hand path, we reclaim part of humanity’s lost soul.

The Feminine is the benevolent darkness; the fertile blackness of the Womb that births everything, including the light. Her power has been defamed and shamed.

The power and wisdom of our feelings…

Many spiritual paths advocate detachment from our feelings and primal needs. But our biology and soulful psychology are hardwired for bonding and attachment. Earth is a realm of web consciousness – we are created for inter-dependence, connection, family, primal bonding, love, union, communion, communication.

The idea that we can be a separate ‘self-sufficient’ individual with no needs or attachments is a deception of a distorted masculine consciousness. Our every breath is dependent on something else in the web of life. Our lives are interwoven in a beautiful tapestry of connection with each other and the entire cosmos. It can be overwhelming to open into this knowing.

Rather than detachment, Womb Awakening is a path of radical attachment and reconnection –

opening to and embracing all of yourself and merging with the web of life.

Womb Awakening brings us back into our primal centre, our Womb, our feminine consciousness, our erotic body creature, our feelings, our instincts.

It weaves us back into the web of consciousness spun from Creator’s Womb.

This descent back into our body, our feelings, our feminine psyche can bring up deep primal terror and grief – even from the moment of our conception, when we decided it was too dangerous to fully embody our soul, and dissociated.

This descent into the Feminine Dimension – full embodiment – is a profound letting go of control. It is fully accepting and embracing all our wounded feelings, letting go of the illusion we can ‘do it all alone’, as well as opening to our true gifts.

The idea that we can control and discipline our thoughts and feelings is a myth. What often passes for ‘enlightenment’ is a mental strategy of disassociation to avoid feeling our primal wounding. Separation and control makes us feel strong. Whereas letting go into web consciousness and trusting in life again can bring up our deepest insecurity, but is our true freedom.

It is also where our deepest longing lives; bringing us into dimensions of ecstasy, bliss, love and union. We return to the compassionate embrace of the Womb of Love, connecting back to the heart of creation, that is the foundation of our being.

Is Womb Awakening calling to you?

~    You are longing for radical vulnerability and honesty

~    You are ready to dive into repressed feelings to grow

~    You no longer want a life that is ‘comfortably numb’

~    You no longer resonate with other ‘spiritual’ paths

~    You would rather be real, raw and sensual than ‘enlightened’

~    You have had life-changing Womb ‘Satori’ Awakenings

~    You feel drawn to honoring your menstrual cycles

~    You long to experience Wombgasms and cosmic orgasms

~    You long to be in Sacred Relationship or to deepen your relating

~    Your deepest desire is to experience Sacred Sexual Union

~    You want to connect deeply to earth and the Womb of Gaia

~    You want to honor, love and enjoy your body not ‘transcend’ it

~    You long to embody your wild female ‘She-Wolf’ power

~    You long to embody your primal male ‘Shakti’ power

~    You are ready to devote yourself to opening to Love

~    You feel drawn to a more simple life connected to nature

~    You wish to de-armour from past sexual and emotional hurts

~    You feel passionate about being a Mother & Father of New Earth

~    You are ready to be vital, juicy and fully ALIVE in your soul purpose

~    You want to activate the miracles and magic of your biology-

~    You are ready to lay down your sword of ‘doing’ and just love yourself

~    You hear the word ‘Womb’ and your cellular memory lights up

~    You KNOW you came to earth to be part of our return to Union

~    You want to learn and evolve through love and pleasure, not suffering

~    You are ready to strip down to your naked, wild, wonder-full, sensual, Soul