Welcome to Womb Awakening

Womb Awakening is the most revolutionary force on the planet today, as the Womb holds the hidden keys to our capacity to create on all levels – from the awakening of our own spiritual and vital forces, to dreaming into being a New Earth. Womb Power Awakens!

Celebrate yourself, Initiate yourself, Awaken your Womb!

Are you called to reconnect with your Feminine source and the deep, ecstatic wisdom and wildness she holds? Womb Awakening invites you to merge with the Cosmic Womb of Creation and the Web of Life; becoming a Living Grail for the Return of Womb Consciousness.

The power of the Cosmic Womb that birthed us is held in your own Womb – a holographic blueprint of the energy of Creation, connecting you to the Web of Life, encoding the deepest mysteries and meaning of existence.

It holds the potential and knowledge to birth profound new creations into Life, beyond just the physical – it allows women to create on the mental, energetic, emotional, psychic and Soulful planes, on both a personal or collective level.

We have forgotten its secrets – and our own power and destiny as women. Now is the time to reclaim it. Our Womb Power is being summoned back, to help rebirth our suffering earth, and heal the disconnected Masculine, in ourselves, in our culture and in the men we love. We are supported by all of Life, and the Creatrix of Life, in this Sacred Mission. All women are being called.

This is the birth of a Feminine-centred spirituality, which also embraces and includes the masculine. It is ‘Womb Enlightenment’ – the feminine way, the path of Love, the opening to Union, in every sense, and harmony with nature. It has never been embodied on Earth before – at least not for many thousands of years.

This work ‘wakes’ up your Womb, helps her ‘remember’ her power and sacred purpose, and directly connects her back to the Universal Womb and the Source of Creation – Divine Mother, Great Goddess, God, however you call it.

Your destiny is calling, and this reconnection is your answer: ‘YES, count me in, I commit to healing myself, and pledging my Womb Power to our Return to Love.’

Every Awakened Womb has its own unique Sacred Signature – your contribution to the Divine Weaving of this work is incredibly valuable.

The Divine Feminine is Emerging: when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, first, inside the cocoon it completely dissolves – its body returns to primordial soup, save for a few ‘imaginal’ cells. These imaginal cells hold the potential to birth something entirely new, and become the butterfly. What a beautiful analogy for this Womb Awakening process, dissolving into the ‘imaginal cells’ of our Soul – and birthing into a magical new, embodied octave of being.


It attracts your Soulmate * deepens relationships or releases them * attracts abundance and support * gives you courage and strength to follow your dreams * opens your creative passions * opens and heals your sexuality * helps you experience full-body, multi-dimensional orgasms * connects you back to feelings, sensations and memories in your own body * relaxes physical and emotional tensions * heals dis-ease * gives you the power and confidence to speak your truth with compassion * creates a trust that life is always looking after you * opens you to the deepest experience of love for yourself and others *connects you back to the Universal Womb/Source of Creation * helps express your inner beauty * supports you to share your gifts * allows you to shine your brightest radiance *opens you to live in a state of ecstatic awareness * fills you with dynamic energy and Feminine shakti vitality * makes you a ‘force of nature’ and catalyst of positive change in the world * helps heal your deepest Soul wounds *


Men are also welcome to experience this deep healing and reconnection, becoming a ‘Guardian of the Womb’ and  a modern-day Grail Knight – pledging to honor, protect, and open to the Feminine, in himself, in his relating to women, and his connection to Earth. When a man makes this commitment all of Creation comes to his assistance, supporting his healing journey, his relationships, and his Soul Mission. He feels the presence of the Sacred Feminine by his side, holding and honoring All he is.


“It felt as if I were sat in the Heart of Creation. As if I was at the centre of the Universe. I was grounded in a deep stillness, but waves of ecstasy were dancing all around me, rippling out as ever increasing circles into infinity. I felt at home, powerful, held in exquisite tenderness, a quiet joy was bubbling inside me. I looked like I’d gone ‘out of my mind.’ I was giggling, laughing, then sitting perfectly still, I was drunk on Life-Force, my movements were unpredictable, like a wild animal just out of captivity, stretching, playing and exploring.

I just knew I was at the Centre of the Universe, the Great Womb. But I hadn’t gone anywhere – I was firmly in my body, and loving it. Mama Womb and I had merged. Soon the ecstatic innocence settled into an all-pervading Softness – the kind that melts everything in its path into an unworldly delicacy of tenderness. Now tears streamed down my cheeks, carving pathways of forgiveness and Grace.

Love spread like a warm sunset, covering everything in its amber and honeyed hue. The softness was spiraling, unraveling me like a deep sigh of relief. I was aware that not only was I feeling this Divine softness – I was transmitting it.

It was undulating out of me, touching everything in its path – it was bringing others into the soft folds of its arms. My eyes glistened with wonder. I was fully awake, fully in the world, eyes wide open, seeing life just as it is – embracing all.

Nothing to do except sit back and behold the world from the Heart of Creation, in Innocence, sharing the experience of the universe’s best kept secret. We were created in Innocent Love – and our Womb remembers the way back home.”