Tibetan Womb Pulsing

A Healing Art of the Tibetan Womb Khandros

Open into Freedom, Liberation, Wild Power – awaken the primordial ‘pulse of life’

This practice, from the lineage of pre-patriarchal Tibetan Feminine Womb Shamans, known as Khandrosand later Dakinis, awakens our wild feminine essence and the living pulse of Shakti within. In Tibetan tantric tradition, Khandro Yeshe Tsyogel – the ‘Tibetan Magdalene’-  is the Grail Queen of the Womb Ocean and Primordial Wisdom.

This practice of Shakti Shamanism connects us to ourwildness, our power, passion and pleasure, our YES. It reminds us of the bliss of freedom that is our birthright – and invites us to ecstasy. We are meant to have a primordial heartbeat, deep in our Womb, our Feminine centre. But the repression of the wild feminine has caused it to flatline. Now the Feminine heart beats again – wild and strong. Womb power returns.

Healing through Life Force, or Shakti, was a key Feminine Healing Art. Life Force energy can be used sexually – but it is not inherently sexual – it flows through our entire being, manifesting in many different ways. We can be equally as passionate and alive in our creativity and Soul purpose. When a person’s Life Force/Shakti wakes up in the Womb/Hara centre – a person can radically manifest  and birth their desires.

Womb Pulsing moves stuck and stagnant energy and emotions, allowing life-force to flow once again. It can assist women and men to connect with their inner power, heal pelvic congestion, and create space for deep shamanic sexual awakening.

Womb Pulsing can assist with:

* Healing endometriosis or pelvic stagnation

* Increasing libido and sexual pleasure

* Improving self-esteem and personal power

* Improving fertility and feminine vibrancy

* Catalysing sexual awakening and ecstatic states

* Healing sexual trauma and shutdown